The puppets that perform with Karl Jeffery

Here’s an introduction to some of the main puppets that perform with Karl Jeffery, The Magical Ventriloquist. You can also see plenty of videos with them in action here. There’s also a more in-depth look at Willy’M, the naughtiest puppet in the world down below.

Willy’M (The naughtiest puppet in the world)

Be warned, he’s cheeky, rebellious and unpredictable. One time we caught him entertaining people by eating things for money. Then, he ate all the money!

Itchy – The Little Ginger Monkey

It’s been flushed down the toilet, put out with the recycling, and left blindfolded in Tesco’s car park. Living with Willy’M can be cruel, but this little monkey hopes to have the last laugh by becoming a global superstar with a unique talent of its own.

Douglas – The forgetful bird

Douglas and Willy’M have a love hate relationship… they love to hate each other.

Noodles – The Magical Dragon

Dylan is a magical baby dragon. He needs lots of training. We regularly run classes on ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, complete with instruction manuals, demonstrations, and fire extinguishers.

Myrtle – The greedy turtle

Myrtle auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. She tried juggling hamsters whilst playing a tambourine (that’s why it was never shown on TV). She also has an eating problem. The problem is she can’t stop. If it wasn’t for her shell she would pop.

Hairy Bear

This adorable panda is soft and cuddly, but so afraid of everything. His worst nightmare is waking up naked in public. There’s every chance this could come true, especially as bears don’t wear clothes.

Karl Jeffery

Ugly but friendly – Oops, he’s not a puppet, he’s ‘The Puppet Man.’Or as the children prefer to call him, ‘Mr Banana head.’ It’s Karl’s job to look after all the puppets and make sure they don’t get out of hand. We will let you know if he ever succeeds.


A Brief Biography of The Naughtiest Puppet in the World

Willy’M might look cute and cuddly, but he’s cheeky, rebellious and one step away from an ASBO!

Since 2004 Willy’M has been working alongside a lesser known individual called Karl Jeffery. Willy’M has little respect for this unfortunate being, who’s often on the receiving end of his mischievous outbursts. He’s often apologising  and tryin to put right all the things the little rascal has done wrong. Most entertainers would have sold him on ebay years ago. But Karl has plodded on in the knowledge that when you earn a living alongside a cast of unpredictable puppets, sometimes you just have to shut up and get on with it. At least the mortgage is being paid!

Here are some ‘Fun Facts’ about Willy’M that will never to be used in a pub quiz

He once appeared as an exhibition in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

October 23rd, 2008 Willy’M was featured as part of the ‘Couples’ exhibition at the Baltic 

It was meant to be an enriching and nourishing experience for the visitors, but Willy’M spent most of his time yelling ‘What do you think you’re looking at?’ at those who came to see him.

He almost spent an evening with Graham Norton. 

Years ago, Willy’M was invited to audition at the BBC’s Television Centre in London. It was for a Graham Norton talent show, called ‘When Will I Be Famous’. Willy’M failed to impress the judges with his joke about a goat and a plastic spatchelor. He also caused a security alert when he busted into the set of Basil Brush, trying to snare the poor little fox in carboard box baited with Haribo.

He has been banned from 2 places, and ejected from another!

Willy’M was banned from Ipswich in 2005. The ban came immediately after his Gala show performance in Needham Market for the Ipswich Magical Society. 

He was also banned from Haven Holidays in 2009. The entertainment manager kicked him off stage midway through his show at the Berwick Holiday park.

He got asked to leave the Christmas party at the Alan Shearer Centre, while Alan Shearer was there!

He’s written a book. 

Willy’M has written a book called Fun Things To Tell Kids That Aren’t Yours.

This is not a book for children. It’s for grown ups only. It’s filled with all the material we could never use on stage. The book was released on 20th August 2013. Proceeds from the book are donated to children’s charities. 

Willy’M has sell out shows!

Willy’M performed to his first sell out crowd at Seven Stories, in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Much to Willy’M’s disappointment, the newspapers only showed photo’s of the little ginger monkey, the tortoise, and the faces of happy children.

Willy’M has appeared Five times at the Whitley Bay Playhouse.

Four live shows during the summer of 2011.

One solo show (with Karl and the other puppets) in 2012.

He’s also appeared at The Seaton Delaval Arts Cetre, The Empire Theatre Halstead, and many others.

The BBC and Willy!

He’s been a warm up act for the BBC

Willy’M warmed up the audience for an old BBC Talent show called ‘Eric’s Hall of Fame’.

He’s been on the Radio

Willy’M has been a studio guest at the Pink Palace, BBC Newcastle. He’s appeared twice on the Jonathan Miles morning show. One time he got distracted and gazed lovingly into the eyes of newsreader Stephanie Finnon. He also tried helping Radio 1 presenter, Scott Mills, to learn ‘ventriloquism.’

Sssh! He’s worked with celebrities

Willy’M has performed at private birthday parties for the children of some high profile celebrities, actors, actresses, and premiership footballers. Owing to NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) and swearing to that oath of secrecy, we aren’t able to divulge any more details!

Hollywood Called

He told us he was going to be in Star Wars!

According to Willy’M, when Disney decided to make the final ever Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, they wanted a family friendly Puppet. He says they contacted him to see if he was interested in the role. Apparently he spent 14 months rehearsing for the part, which saw him donning the robes of a Jedi. The question is does Willy’M turn to the dark side?