How to organise a children’s birthday party

How to plan a children’s birthday party

The proven party guide that has helped thousands of parents give their children the best children’s birthday party possible, regardless of size or budget.

How to organise a children's birthday party

I’m a professional children’s entertainer. That’s my ‘job title’, although in truth, I am technically a professional ventriloquist who specialises in children’s and family entertainment using a blend of magic, comedy and mischievous puppets. Since 2003 I’ve helped thousands of parents organise birthday parties for their children.

picture of Karl Jeffery, children's party entertainerI might not be possible for me to be there for your child’s birthday party, but I can offer you all my years of experience and expertise right in this online guide, that helps you towards organising the best and happiest birthday party for your child.

This guide will make it fun and easy to organise, and eliminate all the stress and hidden pitfalls. It is my hope that this guide helps you understand all you need to know to make your child’s birthday party run like clockwork on the day. I have provided helpful checklists and action plans to keep you in full control from start to finish. All you need to do is fill in the blanks!

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