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These are some of the puppets that perform with Karl Jeffery

picture of Willy'M, the naughtiest puppet in the worldWilly’M (The naughtiest puppet in the world)

Be warned, he’s cheeky, rebellious and unpredictable. One time we caught him entertaining people by eating things for money. Then he ate all the money. Learn more about Willy’M here.

Itchy – The Little Ginger Monkey

It’s been flushed down the toilet, put out with the recycling and left blindfolded in Tesco’s car park. Living with Willy’M can be cruel, but this little monkey hopes to have the last laugh by becoming a global superstar with unique talents of his own.

Douglas – The forgetful bird

Douglas and Willy’M have a love hate relationship… they love to hate each other.

Dylan – The magic Dragon

Dylan is a magical, smoke breathing, baby dragon. He needs lots of training. We regularly run classes on ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, but are finding it difficult teaching him to cough without setting fire to the curtains.

Hairy Bear – The scared bear

This adorable dimwit is soft and cuddly, but so afraid of everything. His worst nightmare is waking up naked in public. There’s every chance this could come true, especially as bears don’t wear clothes.

Myrtle – The greedy turtle

Myrtle auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. She tried juggling hamsters whilst playing a tambourine (that’s why it was never shown on TV). She also has an eating problem. The problem is she can’t stop. If it wasn’t for her shell she would pop.

Wobbler – The Sea Lion

Adopted from the Sea Lion rescue place in Whitley Bay. He enjoys swimming in the bath, balancing chairs on his nose, and chasing ducks.

Boris – The Sock Monster

This wonderful creature comes from the same magical land as the tooth fairy. Due to his shy nature, public appearances are rare, but if you are lucky enough to spot him, double check your sock drawer. Chances are he’s sneaked off with a souvenir.

picture of Karl JefferyKarl

Ugly but friendly – Oops, he’s not a puppet, he’s ‘The Puppet Man’ – Better known as ‘The Magical Ventriloquist’, or as the children prefer to call him, ‘Mr Bananahead’. It’s Karl’s job to look after all the puppets and make sure they don’t get out of hand.
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